Skinny Jeans are a Health No, No

Recent Medical Studies Warn About Health Hazards of  Wearing Skinny Jeans
Meralgia paresthetica is not the name of an upcoming fashion designer but rather the medical condition that threatens to end with the skinny jeans trend. 

Recent medical studies show that the prolonged use of tight clothes, namely skinny jeans, has lead to an increase in meralgia paresthetica or "tingling thigh syndrome" cases. This condition is characterized by tingling, numbness and burning pain in the outer part of your thighs, caused by the compression of a nerve on your upper legs. 

The condition was usually suffered by obese people, pregnant women, and construction workers with low-slung belts. However, the skinny jeans fashion trend and killer stilettos have left more young women with a tingling sensation on their legs. 

Mayo Clinic describes "tingling thigh syndrome" symptoms as:

  • Tingling and numbness in the outer (lateral) part of your thigh
  • Burning pain in or on the surface of the outer part of your thigh
  • Less commonly, dull pain in your groin area or across your buttocks
  • In most cases, the condition can be treated by wearing loose clothes, but in severe cases drug treatment and surgery may be needed. 

    Other health risks of wearing skinny jeans include blood clots, bladder and yeast infections, digestive problems and even infertility. 

    Watch this video from The Today Show to hear expert comments on the dangers of skinny jeans. 

    Give your skinny jeans a rest, wearing them only for special occasions and making sure you have some wiggle room in them. If you can't breathe in what you're wearing, chances are you might need to switch outfits.

    For casual outings, wear the boyfriend jean instead. 


    Designer LookAlike: Burberry

    From the House of Griffindor to the House of Burberry 

    Emma Watson Burberry

    Harry Potter
    star Emma Watson is Burberry's new celebrity spokesperson. Featured in fashion magazines around the world, the ad campaign shows how Emma has grown from a muggle-blooded young wizard into a sexy and sophisticated woman. 

    Emulate Emma's Burberry style for less!

    Emma Watson Burberry
    Belted Trench Coat in gentle fawn, $49.50 at Old Navy
    Deux Lux Harness Tote in grey, $39 at Urban Outfitters

    Emma Watson Burberry
    Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer in black, $78 at Urban Outfitters
    MAJE Black Satin Blouse, $45 at YOOX
    Urban Renewal Chain Necklace, $38 at Urban Outfitters
    Finish Emma's look by threading a piece of black leather string on this Polished Toggle Chain Bracelet, $4.80 at Forever21

    Happy Shopping :)


    What to Wear: For Cocktails

    Wandering around the web, I stumbled upon these gorgeous dresses perfect for a night out with the girls or a date with that random guy you met onboard a plane.

    Knit Contrast Dress $39
    Sweet Lace Dress $19.80
    Feathered Mini Dress $59
    Lace and Mesh Tiered Dress $22.80
    Pleated Daisy Cocktail Dress $29.80
    All from Forever 21

    Pair them up with some sexy heels and you're ready to go!

    Happy Shopping :)


    Birdie Feathered Hair Accessories

    A little birdie told me you were looking for feather headbands...

    Feather Headband
    I was wearing this guinea feather headband today when I was approached by a young gentleman whose best-friend has been looking for similar hair accessories. 

    Of course, as FashionGypsy I felt compelled to dedicate this post today to this gal, and end her quest by featuring some of my favorite online shops and designers for feather hair accessories.  These can be worn day or night for both play, work and even on your wedding day. (Think Carrie Bradshaw.)

    Finding these quirky hair accessories can be a bit of a challenge when you encounter price tags of  $150+. However, you don't need to fly all the way up there for some of the most interesting designs. 

    Feather Hair Accessories

    Camden Town - Black Duck Feathers, Peacock, Green Goose Biot Feathers, and Black Marabou Hair Clip, $60 at Feathered by Blair Nadeau

    The Aphrodite - Ostrich, Hackle, Pheasant, and Guinea Feathers Hairpiece, $45 at LoveBIRDS by Loren

    Diana - Guinea Feathers on Thin Metal Headband, $18 by LiveInStyle at Etsy

    Ribbon Wrapped Feather Headband in Stripey Tan, $24 at Urban Outfitters 

    Exaggerated Feather Floral Headband in Turquoise, $39 at Bebe

    Happy Shopping :)


    This Fall: Boho Chic Woodstock

    Probably one of the few movies that I have been looking forward to this summer is Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock - the story of a Greenwich Village interior designer who unknowingly helped spark a historical hippie-cultural revolution by hosting the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival at his family's motel as a way to salvage his parent's property.

    Of course, I cannot think about this movie and disregard its fashion implications for this fall. I like to call it Boho Chic Woodstock.

    This fall, keep your beach hair and enjoy a season of peace and music. And please, leave the lava lamp at the frat house.
    Boho Chic Woodstock
    Watercolor-Graphic V-Neck Tee, $14.50 at Old Navy
    Mocha Colored Ankle Jeans, $39.99 at Gap
    Inspired by the original 1969 Woodstock Festival poster, Moleskine Woodstock Music Notebook 5x8, $17.95 at Barnes & Noble
    Paisley-Print Lightweight Scarf, $12.50 at Old Navy
    Carry your groceries in this Eco-Friendly Peace Canvas Tote, $6.98 at Target

    This season, forget about getting your boho chic jewelry at the mall.
    tead, check out these stylish, handmade necklaces from Bead for Life. Ugandan women make these necklaces by rolling up recycled paper into colorful beads, and then sell them as a way to support their families. Bead for Life Africa

    Visit Bead for Life to learn more about their cause.
    Necklaces are about $15, you'll look fabulous and will be helping end hunger in Africa.

    Peace. Love. Start a Re
    volution. But remember, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

    Happy Shopping :)


    What to Wear: Sunday Brunch

    My favorite part of Sundays is, of course, brunch time. Eggs benedict, mimosas and some fresh pastries on the side. Realizing that the weekend is over... not so much.

    While getting ready for brunch this morning, check out this whimsical outfit from one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie. It's perfect for brunch al fresco. 


    Happy Shopping :)


    Designer LookAlike: Chanel

    I love Chanel. It's classy, feminine and timeless. Not to mention that it was Marilyn Monroe's favorite.  I've been looking at their jelly sandals all summer and of course, I've been absolutely loving them. 

    A pair of these playful jelly chamelia sandals goes for about $295 at luxury retail stores. 

    Check out their identical twins at Forever 21, for $5.50! This absolutely beats Neiman's Last Call sale this week! Plus, you can take them to the beach without worrying too much about spilling your piƱa colada or tanning oil all over them. 
    Happy Shopping :)


    The Modern Mary Poppins Bag

    (Summer) Handbag Essentials

    Small bags are cute at night, but during the day you need a bag that can fit everything you need while on the go.

    I call them my "Mary Poppins" bags, they're comfortable, chic and fit 
    everything I need to go through the day- minus the coat hanger!

    These are a couple of things I must always carry in my bag, especially 
    during hot summer days.
    Great for the beach, relaxing over the weekend or even for work.
    Felix Rey Large Canvas Tote $22.48 at Target

    Apply around eyes in the morning to illuminate eye area and keep it in 
    your purse for quick touch-ups. It's great for covering dark circles under your eyes! Lemon Aid by Benefit Cosmetics , $20.

    Keep your eyes safe from the sun rays with Oversize "Tortoise" 
    Sunglasses, $16.99 at  Overstock.com

    The swine flu is this summer's health threat. Keep your hands clean 
    and smelling great with Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel, 
    $1.00 available in different scents.

    Dare to be wild with bright, neon nail polish colors. My pick: Essie's 

    Prevent a faux-pas and stay in style. Check out the new Moxie Slenders which come with a cute purse-ready boudoir style tin, 
    $4.99 at Duane Reade drugstores in N.Y. and N.J. (available soon throughout the U.S.)

    The key to great skin is hydrating and moisturizing your skin regularly. In addition to drinking plenty of water everyday,
    I like to always have a bottle of Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray,
    $5.50 for a 50ml (1.7 oz) travel size bottle. Simply spray it on to feel refreshed and hydrate your skin.

    And of course, my favorite handbag essential, a flirty Spanish hand fan to keep myself cool while at the beach or just walking around. 

    Happy Shopping :)

    *Reply to his post with your favorite handbag essentials for a chance to try Moxie products even before they reach your city (supplies are limited). 


    Pretty-little-Ouch! Shoes

    So, you're getting ready for a fun Saturday night out and contemplating whether you should wear those awesome high heels that everyone just drools over but are too tight on your feet, or go for the plain old wedges that add very little to that beautiful outfit. 

    Whether you bought the shoes on sale and they didn't have your size - but they were so fabulous you had to get them- or they are a bit too narrow for your feet... there is a solution.

    Check out this video tutorial for an easy and inexpensive way to stretch out those shoes you absolutely love and can't wear for more than 2 minutes! 

    Also, try Band Aid's Friction Block Stick or Band Aid's Activ-Flex Blister Block Stick to prevent foot casualties after a night of endless dancing in sexy heels. These come in an easy and mess-free applicator stick that you can carry in your purse (approximately $6.99 at drugstores). 

    Band Aid Blister Block
    Happy Dancing!


    Michael Jackson: A Fashion Memorial

    From the King of Pop to the King of Fashion...

    Today celebrities, fans and friends of Michael Jackson gathered at the Los Angeles' Staples Center to remember the life and music of who has been often called a "music genius". 

    To join the worldwide celebration (and inspire frugal fashion friends), FashionGypsy features on this post 5 looks inspired by Michael Jackson's distinct wardrobe. And of course, these price tags are far from the 4 figure + outfits that MJ wore for decades.

    Thriller Look: Bright Skinny Jeans and Motorcycle Jackets

    Michael Jackson Fashion

    Ankle-zip red skinny jeans $12.50 at Wet Seal
    Red fleece motorcycle jacket $58 at Urban Outfitters

    The Eclectic Soldier Look: Military Jackets
    Michael Jackson Fashion
    Military-esque blazer $26.99 at Charlotte Russe

    The Neverland Look: Oversized Blazers
    Michael Jackson Fashion

    The Shining Star Look: Sequined Boleros
    Michael Jackson Fashion
    Worth the splurge!
    Sequin bolero $170 at Topshop

    Moonwalk Accessories
    Michael Jackson Fashion
    Black fedora $12.99 at Charlotte Russe
    Sequin flats $70 at Piperlime

    Happy shopping :)


    Just like your Nanette Lepore... minus the price tag!

    Nanette Lepore for Less
     I was recently invited by one of my good friends to attend a cocktail party at her place. Aunts, cousins, grandparents, you name it they were all there celebrating a number of family birthdays that were taking place that month. 

    It's the middle of the summer and of course I wanted to wear something not too dressy/not too casual for a night of poolside drinks and maybe more fun afterwards. After surveying my closet, I chose a strapless hot pink dress that complemented my tan and was also "grandparent-approved". 

    At the party- while I'm refilling my glass of sangria, one of my friend's aunts comes over to introduce herself... or so I thought. 

    "I love your dress," she said. "I own one just like that and I almost wore it today! Mine is by Nanette Lepore, whose is yours from?" she asked, absolutely not expecting what was coming at her. "Mine is from Forever21," I replied, took a sip of my sangria and watched her change colors as she tried to digest what I had just said. 

    "You girls do so well," she said dazed, confused and with a broken wallet.

    Yes, indeed. We do very well. Should I have told her that my dress was only $14.50? Why pay more when you can look designer-fabulous for less?

    For more fabulous cocktail dresses check out these great deals from Forever21

    Happy shopping :)