Unimpressed - Anna Sui for Target

I just came back from doing some shopping at Target and of course what was supposed to be a quick run for some needed toiletries and boring house items turned into something else.

As you might know, eclectic designer Anna Sui recently launched a limited edition Gossip Girl-inspired line for Target. I was surprised to find items from the line today at the Target store that I usually frequent, as the line was supposed to be an online exclusive available only from September 13 through October 17.

I just have one thing to say about the line: Anna, it was very thoughtful of you to make your designs available at an affordable price, but next time don't forget to keep the design as tasteful as your more expensive collections.

The collection includes outfits allegedly inspired by the popular Gossip Girl characters Blair, Serena, Jenny and Vanessa. I find it hard to see either character in these clothes. The design of each piece is seriously lacking and the fabric used is probably of the worst quality currently carried by Target.

Honestly, Anna Sui's Gossip Girl-inspired line for Target should have never made it to stores, online pictures do a very good job at concealing everything that is wrong with these pieces.

Uninspired and totally unimpressed by Anna Sui's collection, I continued my journey through Target by going straight to the detergent aisle right where I should have gone from the very beginning.

Happy Shopping :)


A Big Bag. For School, Work, Whatever...

I've had a couple of requests from readers who are in need for carry-all bags for school. Never a big fan of backpacks or messenger bags, I always tend to look at large totes that can easily fit my laptop, a notebook and perhaps a text book - yes, it is possible.

Search for lightweight, yet durable materials and most importantly comfortable handles that fit over a coat (if you live in a cold area) as you want your bag to be just as useful during the winter. 

Of course, Target is one of my first stops when shopping for a practical bag that can hold it all, but I have also been lucky at stores like Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Gap and Banana Republic. I am never shy to explore what other (usually expensive) stores have to offer at reduced prices. The sale aisle and outlet malls are a frugal shopper's paradise. 

Below are some cute carry-all bags that I'm sure you'll enjoy...
Hollywood Intuition Tote in Green, $29.99 at Target

Perlina Metallic Giraffe Print Tote, $49.99 at Target
Suitcase Overnighter, $18.99 at Target

Patchwork Bag in Tan, $34.99 at Spiegel
Call me Betsey Tote, $74 at Zappos

Happy Shopping :)


Designer LookAlike: Yves Saint Laurent

The YSL Downtown Tote
YSL Downtown Tote

This chic and carry-all bag goes for over $1,000 depending on the leather type and size you choose. (Yves Saint Laurent Medium Downtown Patent Tote, $1,495 at Saks Fifth Avenue)

Check out this lookalike in "croc" leather for only $39 at Spiegel

Happy Shopping :)