Spring is in the Air

Spring has finally come and with it pours the rain.

I've been doing a bit of traveling lately and it seems like wherever I go it pours incessantly, which has forced me to pack my rain boots over and over again. Although practical, comfortable and easy to wear on a rainy day, I've grown tired of my chunky, rubber rain boots.

And of course, it wasn't until I was in NYC last week, running in high heels under the rain and trying to make it to an important meeting with decent hair that I decided perhaps a "cute" alternative to rain boots was needed.

Whether under the rain or for a day at the beach these "jellies" are perfectly cute for splash-prone adventures this spring. They're comfortable and easy to wash!

Nina Duffy in Clear, $34 at Lori's Shoes

Designer Lookalike - Jimmy Choo Jill Jelly Sandals, $235 at Shirise

Ragg Women's Gemstone Naomi Wedge Jelly Sandal in Black , $34.46 at Endless.com
Steven Jellys in Yellow, $66 at Lori's Shoes

HARBOUR Gladiator Jellies in Jade, $24 at TOPSHOP

Happy Shopping :)


  1. like the endless one... DC is super sunny now..

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